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Inside TDO: Our Method

A Simple Continuum for Ever-Increasing Results: Continual Learning

Step 1: Accumulate Knowledge

We immerse ourselves in you’re company, and your products and services. We help document your strengths and your weaknesses, your competitors, and your various markets and partners through background documentation that you provide, and private and group interviews. We fill gaps with quantitative and qualitative research as we find necessary.

Step 2: Plan

Once fully informed we provide you with the common findings and seeming contradictions. We offer our insights and experiences and discuss the platform we can create for you that is differentiated, honest and maps well with your client/customer needs.

We develop personas. Clear, distinguishing “a day in the life of” profiles. We define your marketing goals together and how we can identify marketing success. We jointly ideate strategies until we achieve agreement on a winning platform and approach.

We advise on and configure the best media tactics for your targeted audiences. We then “hardwire” analytics paths for all media components to be counted. The data we accumulate, the trends we see, and critical customer and prospect behavior, help us continue to pinpoint your prospects who are most likely to convert.

Step 3: Development Creative & Implementation

We develop positioning and key messages and new brands as, and if necessary. We design multiple targeted creative approaches; the words, tonality, images, offers, venues and media which engage your primary, or multiple audiences. We review and discuss these to explain their rationale and gain your feedback and preferences.

Step 4: Test

We test marketing alternatives and variable approaches against one another to define “high performers”.

Additionally, we can develop surveys, perform focus groups, organize customer and target interviews (group and/or individual), perform user-behavior testing, etc.

Step 1: Accumulate Knowledge — Collect and Analyze Results Data

Pre-wiring all marketing media enables us to identify referring sources, interaction with content, general behavior, conversion behavior, and identify trends. In analyzing this data we find, assemble and report the most meaningful and actionable bytes to utilize in finer segmentation, more precise targeting, and most effective approaches, even when market factors change. This approach also enables us to optimize your budget to best return for cost activities.

Step 2: Planning — With Powerful New Advantages

  • Finer segmentation
  • Definition of most valuable audiences
  • Identification of most effective media and activities
  • Considerations for changes in marketplace, economy, tastes and trends, and competitive movement
  • Improved creative approaches for testing
  • Optimized budgets
  • Continual new learning
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Download: 10 Secrets of D2C Websites