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Movado Branding & Marketing
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Movado planned to extend its existing product line beyond watches into office and personal accessories, luggage and leather goods. There was serious concern that this expansion could dilute and erode its core brand.
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TDO developed “The Legend of the Museum Watch”, a coffee table brochure for watch buyers. The brochure revisited the history of the design, articulating Bauhaus philosophy and its long museum collection heritage.
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The piece solidified the roots of the Movado brand in the minds of buyers. “The Legend” brochure was published in seven languages and distributed worldwide. It was accepted into the permanent collection of The Cooper Hewitt Museum (Smithsonian). TDO words and images were extended across all forms of Movado communications forming the cornerstone of the Movado brand for over ten years.

Collaboration and copy, Deanne Dunning,
Concepts/Copy, NYC
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