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Lotus of Greenwich: Environments

Dealership Launch
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Hunting Ridge Motors (HRM), an exotic car reseller learned of the return of federalized Lotus cars to the United States marketplace. Admiring the car and predicting brisk sales, they pursued a dealership license, but were told by Lotus U.S. that the dealership was already being awarded to a much larger, more well established competitor.
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TDO worked closely with HRM to create an identity that married HRM, Lotus cars and racing. We wrote a positioning for the dealers unique take on selling the product. We designed building fascias, floor plans and signage for two dealer locations, advertising, clothing, premiums and a website. We applied dramatic graphics to a trailer. We communicated all of this in a highly visual business plan.
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HRM drove to Lotus U.S. headquarters and parked their new 24-foot trailer filled with Lotus race cars at the front door. They marched in and presented the plan. HRM was immediately awarded the dealership. With TDOs continued conventional, display, online and guerrila marketing support, they sold 200% of their vehicle allotment in year one and became the largest selling dealership in the world for four years running.

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