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Jet-Care Brand Building & Marketing
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Jet-Care, a leader in engine oil, trend and gas path analysis identifies engine wear far in advance of a problem in order to keep repairs schedulable, affordable and far in advance of any potential parts failures. Jet-Care needed to raise brand awareness and warm up advances to new prospects.
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TDO positioned as Jet-Care as the premier category provider. "It just takes an ounce of prevention to avoid extremely costly engine repairs". We touted Jet-Care’s unequalled client roster - GE, Honeywell, Cessna, Dassault, Pratt & Whitney, Raytheon, NetJets, FlexJets, and many others - in collateral and print advertising.
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Jet-Care experienced strong ongoing growth landing notable new aircraft, train and ship clients. Many of these new opportunities were initiated by inquiries made by the clients themselves.

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Download: 10 Secrets of D2C Websites