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Citibank Global Approval System & Brand Resources
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Citibank sponsored an event to take place all around the world. All brand and event marketing was to be implemented by 40+ agencies worldwide, reviewed and approved by senior executives in New York and event licensees in Los Angeles and be live in-market within five months.
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TDO developed an independent global extranet. The core, a licensee, business owner, and agency management directory, and an application for the submission of creative (in Doc, Pdf, Wav, Mov, and MP3) for reviews and approvals. On the Citibank intranet we provided brand standards and downloadable program materials and templates. And all records of submissions, comments, modifications and sign-offs were stored.
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After two months of development, Citibank successfully launched a consistently branded campaign in 120 countries in just 90 days. The president of Citibank claimed it to be the greatest technical achievement of the year.

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Download: 10 Secrets of D2C Websites