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Aetna Individual: Advertising

Products for Individuals Launch
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Aetna, in response to increasing “consumerism” in the health insurance industry, needed to reposition and relaunch marketing of its individual health insurance products. An aggressive new direct-to-consumer approach was needed.
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If insurance prospects do not understand the criteria for selecting one product over another, they cannot buy. TDO established a new way of presenting consumer with insurance products. We developed criteria, life stage comparisons and decision support tools delivered in new website, broker and consumer materials, and marketing campaigns incorporating print advertising, e-mail, direct marketing, and online marketing. Using web analytics we tested messages,images, formats, offers, and media effectiveness.
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IAP exceeded its target numbers before the first campaign was fully rolled out. New application submissions continued to increase weekly over a 7-year period growing individual health insurance to become the second largest revenue producing division at Aetna.

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