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Aug. 01, 2013

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So what is Responsive Design?

How can you make absolutely sure that your website displays clearly whether the user is scrolling on a smartphone, tapping on a tablet or surfing on a desktop? Responsive design – that’s how.

A ‘Responsive’ website automatically formats content to display clearly on all your devices. Desktop, tablet, or smartphone, Responsive content will be optimized for size and quality. Content is prioritized, easy to navigate, and easy to read.

There has been a lot of buzz about Responsive design recently. And all that is warranted because Responsive interfaces are more than just a trend. It is the new standard. Smartphones, and tablets are here to stay – their use is expected to surpass desktop computers within the next two years. But let’s face it; desktops will probably be around at least another 10 years or so.

So, the question isn’t “IF” you should be making your business website Responsive. The question is “WHEN”? And what you should be taking into account as you plan for it?

The Pros

  • Clear, cohesive content across all devices.
  • No need for multiple sites for multiple platforms.
  • Updating is easier and faster.
  • SEO is consolidated in a single site, making it easier to manage.

Things to consider

  • Planning and prioritization of content is essential.
  • Consider you customer’s bandwidth – especially for mobile users.
  • Start small, beginning with how you want your site to function on a mobile device. Keep it clean and simple, think minimalism. Then expand from there as you go up in size for larger interfaces.

How TDO can help?

TDO can work with you to organize and prioritize your entire site content. What do you want the customer to do? The initial plan insures the content you want your customer to engage will be visible and accessible – regardless of what device it’s being viewed on. Then, we help you build a truly flexible, Responsive site for your business.

We can also provide hosting solutions, ongoing maintenance, support and help desk.


“Ten things you need to know about responsive design” by Carrie Cousins
“UI Design Guidelines For Responsive Design” by Kayla Knight



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