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So Your Company has a Social Media Presence – Now What?
10 Tips to Take Your Social Media Presence to the Next Level.

Aug. 16, 2013

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Excellent! Your business has a presence on Facebook. You’ve got a Twitter account to dispense pithy pronouncements. You’re Link’dIn? Google+ed? Check. Tumblered? Sure why not? YouTubed? Instagrammed? – Okay.

Wait a minute. What exactly are you going to do with all that Social Media real estate? That’s a lot of virtual ground to maintain. And we all know how sad an untended Social Media (SM) page can appear. So what can you do to ensure that your SM presence is fresh and up to date? Here are ten tips to help you build your social media empire.

1. Define Goals

Why are you on Facebook or Twiitter? How can being there help your business? Are you trying to drive traffic to your Website? To your store? How much traffic? Get your Marketing and Sales people involved in setting goals, generating content and measuring results (using Analytics).

2. Assign Responsibility

Staff should be given specific tasks and timeframes for keeping all SM current. A small team should be able to divide up tasks efficiently, keep each other accountable, and stay on task.

3. Evaluate ROI

Track how much time is spent on SM. Is all this worth it? Have regular meetings to evaluate and fine-tune.

4. Be Prepared To Handle Customer Feedback

Everybody loves positive feedback. But more importantly, are you adequately prepared to manage negative feedback? It’s bound to happen eventually, and when it does, be prepared to address it promptly, courteously, and professionally. Criticizers become brand advocates with the kind of helpful feedback that makes them feel like they have been heard and understood. You may just find that you solve customer problems along the way. Customer service is one of the best uses of SM.

5. Keep Your Website Updated

Social Media is no substitute for the information in your Website. But SM is a great way to drive traffic to it. Use Social Media to announce special offers, discounts, contests that can be fulfilled by visiting your Website. Highlight new content on your Website to all your SM accounts and keep people coming for the full content that your Website provides. Traffic from SM to your site should be measured using an Analytics Application like Google Analytics.

6. Link Them All

There are a number of third-party apps available that help you manage all your social media from a single portal. This ensures that all your accounts are updated simultaneously. You can also schedule regular updates, and track peak usage times.

7. Keep it current.

Stay informed about the latest developments in your field. How do those developments relate to your business and affect your customers? Communicating those insights to your public puts your company in the position of being an authority – or at the very least someone with something interesting to say.

8. Let your employees become brand ambassadors

Talk up your employees’ skills and accomplishments on your company’s official SM accounts. Empower employees to express their (positive) experiences with the company on their own personal SM accounts. Establish a clear Social Media policy for your company and communicate that policy to all employees.

9. Join the community

Whatever industry you’re in, your business will have peers (some might call them competitors). Consider fostering good-will throughout your industry by linking to those peers via SM and highlighting work or practices you admire. Chances are someone will return the favor, and perhaps some new contacts or business partnerships will result.

10. Keep it branded

All of your SM accounts need to appear as part of the same family. This family also includes your company Website and all printed material. Brand standards and implementation are just as important in SM as anywhere else.

There you have it – 10 tips that will have all your Social Media Accounts up to speed and running smoothlky in no time (well, it may take a little time).

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