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Simplifying the Consumer’s Path to Purchase

Mar. 05, 2014

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Psychologists Drs. Sheena Iyengar and Mark Lepper published a remarkable study that revealed that more isn’t better. They found out that when people are given a lot of choices of jam, they are very interested but they don’t buy. Companies and marketers were puzzled. Both assumed that it’s good to offer consumers more choices, that they will likely pick one out of a dozen.

Choice is good but too much of it can overwhelm consumers. They will end up either buying nothing or feeling dissatisfied with their purchase. Either situation not only robs consumers of an enjoyable shopping experience but also ruins your business.

The Solution: Simplify Online Selling

The goal of any direct-to-consumer website is to make it easier for consumers to buy. Consumers, after all, go online to save time. They don’t want to wait in line and navigate through crowded commercial spaces. Webmasters know about this but they often forget that their websites too can frustrate even the most patient buyer. Their cluttered screen makes it difficult for shoppers to browse through products. To make it worse, their web pages take at least a minute to load. Their online stores are not optimized for mobile devices. Their live chat advisors are either offline or seem busy handling multiple shoppers most of the time.

The list goes on. To simplify the buyer’s path to purchase is to eliminate all these barriers. Here are some strategies that work.

Clean Your Copy

Having too much content distracts visitors from understanding your message. A wordy call-to-action, for instance, prevents them from responding to it.

Inform Well to Sell

Take a look at your product description or other product-focused material. In a 2012 poll by a global research company Ipsos, 61 percent of consumers turn to company websites to research product information. If the product description is too short, consumers won’t likely get enough information and buy. If it’s too long, consumers may be overwhelmed and exit the page. Aim for an optimal length, one that sufficiently presents the benefits and the main features of a product.

Help Buyers Find Products

Equip your direct-to-consumer website with intelligent navigation and search tools. Online buyers often resort to comparison websites and other tools that help them choose products to buy. Don’t let them look elsewhere. Help them find and select the item they’re looking for directly from your website.

Live customer support significantly boosts sales too.

To learn more download our complimentary whitepaper, 10 Secrets of Top Direct-to-Consumer Websites.

Download: 10 Secrets of D2C Websites


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