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Lead Generation Strategies for
Property & Casualty Insurance Websites

Feb. 19, 2014

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Good leads are hard to find. This is especially true of property and casualty insurance websites. The industry covers a broad range of insurance lead options both individual and commercial. Add to this the financial challenges and technological readiness issues property and casualty insurers face. But in every challenge lies opportunities.

Property and casualty insurance websites, for instance, can yield good leads by using simple and cost-effective strategies. Here are some of them.

Create More Distribution Options for Different Sets of Consumers

In a survey conducted by Deloitte Research, it was revealed that younger consumers tend to buy directly from carriers. The young ones are also the most skeptical about the importance of intermediaries including agents and brokers.

But that’s not even half of the picture. The survey also showed that loyalty to intermediaries grow with the age of individual respondents. The older they are, the more trusting they are of agents and brokers. What’s more, Deloitte’s Center for Financial Services found that small business consumers might welcome the role of carriers but under certain circumstances such clearly-written policies and discounted price.

All of these findings demand insurers to reassess existing relationships and rethink their approach to differing consumers. What works for one may not work for another. Companies running property and casualty insurance websites should now look to advanced analytics to better understand their market and pinpoint performance drivers. They should offer more distribution options and especially include consumers who prefer to deal on their own. The idea is to reach out to several consumer segments, each of which has a different set of expectations and needs.

Contextualized Content for Highly Targeted Leads

As mentioned earlier, property and casualty insurance websites should serve a wide spectrum of consumers, not narrow their focus to a generalized audience. This is possible only by delivering a personalized, tailored message or audience-tested content.

The good news is, Google’s new search algorithm, Hummingbird, strongly supports contextualized content for smarter online searches. Instead of relying on keyword data, as the older algorithm did, Hummingbird encourages you to really get to know your audience. Search marketing is no longer about driving traffic but more about customer research.

The focus on good, quality content is nothing new. Google has been preaching the same lesson for years. What changed, however, is that Google actually got smarter by rewarding websites that create tailored and useful content. For personal and casualty websites, this shift demands a user-centric approach. Every aspect of your web page has to improve a consumer’s purchasing journey. Every landing page should fit a customer persona or profile. Every word carefully chosen, tone appropriately applied depending on the user’s context.

Establish Brand or Company as Topical Authority

Good leads trust brands that have already established themselves as an authority in their respective subject. A property and insurance websites, in order to be considered a topical authority or a go-to subject matter expert should focus on informational content.

This is easier said than done. Insurance websites are long steeped in a culture of promotion and selling. The shift to producing informational or educational content can be a bit difficult. It definitely doable though. Insurers only need to accept the reality that today’s consumers are better equipped to make well-informed decisions. There plenty of tools that guide them in purchasing wise. Why not become an niche expert and gain their trust? This is a rather simple and cheap approach that’s guaranteed to bring you more good leads.

Learn more about the secrets of top property and casualty websites here.

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