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Digital Marketing 2014 — Prepare for Change

Jan. 27, 2014

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It’s time for fresh starts. Just like personal resolutions (losing pounds), there are business resolutions that are always at the top of the list:

• Acquire new customers
• Increase sales
• Reduce marketing costs

Like life, in digital marketing there is only one constant — change. The challenge is keeping up with those changes that best find, engage, and turn those prospects into customers. Whether you’re a startup or a big brand, increasing your web presence and social media footprint has never been more urgent.

Here are some 2014 digital marketing resolutions you should consider (of course what you don’t do this year may be as important as what you do):

1) Truly Understand Your Prospects
To succeed, you must intimately know understand who you are trying to reach, the message you need to convey, and how each marketing channel – from traditional to digital – makes your total marketing effort complete. If you aren’t working with “Personas” it’s time to.

2) Don’t Limit Your Marketing to Too Few Approaches
A many-pronged approach to digital marketing always works best. Don’t focus too much on one thing, like building on-site SEO rather than focusing on offsite traffic you can generate from social media and content marketing. Everything from blogging to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and others offer important benefits too. Optimizing for search engines is important. However, like Google’s Hummingbird, search engines change their ranking algorithms all the time. Suddenly you may be nowhere to be found online. And look at the trends. Hummingbird is about quality of content and social activity. If you’re more relevant for your audience you will rank higher. (See Hummingbird on our blog.)

3) Don’t Ignore Paid Advertising
Don’t ignore paid search, display, advertising on social sites like Facebook and YouTube, and re-targeting to get more traffic to your site. Paid search often drives more immediate results. Paid search can always get you nearer, or at the top of the search engines’ results for your key terms. And paid search enables you to test and measure keyword effectiveness and the efficiency of your spend in great detail to tailor improvements.

4) Get Into Content Marketing

2013 was a boom year of content marketing with massive growth adopted by many industries. In 2014 expect it to continue, although some principles are evolving. Content marketing is creating relevant content for your prospects and distributing it on your site, via email, on your social media pages, and on other’s sites. Creating content in your area of expertise allows you a softer entrée to your services and helps build trust and establishes you as an authority in your area. Content marketing enables you to maintain communications without overtly selling. Content marketing also keeps your blog, Facebook and Google+ pages, etc., fresh and continually driving prospects to your site.

5) Leverage Massive Growth in Mobile
If it’s time for a redesign of your website, don’t miss the opportunity to go responsive. Or you can create a specifically tailored mobile version of your content. In any case the world is shifting to access of their content via mobile web. And that’s not only reading content, that shopping, banking, financial services, health services, etc. via their phones and tablets. If you have business critical functions to provide your customers, it’s time to deliver them on a mobile platform.


6) Be Social — It’s Now a Critical Part of Digital Marketing
Google Hummingbird weighs social interaction high on it’s list of ranking values.

You should also consider marketing on other sites where your consumers may be spending their time, like Pinterest, HULU and Pandora.


So, What’s Your Greatest Challenge?

Being prepared to adapt your marketing rapidly as user behavior and current platforms evolve and change, and new technologies emerge.

If you haven’t yet tackled most of these recommendations, you’re falling behind the curve and missing out on lead generation opportunities.

You may have a fantastic internal team, or teams or you may be shouldering this yourself. However, in the firms we’ve work with, in-house resources always seem to be “tapped to the max”. Digital marketing experts must focus on staying ahead of the curve in all digital areas — consuming the latest results, opinions, and testing, testing, and testing emergent technologies. It’s their lifeblood.

Of course, to stay ahead of the evolution, you can always contact us.

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